The LIHEAP program may be able to help your family better manage energy costs by paying a portion of your energy bills for your main source of heating or cooling. This program may also help you afford to make energy-efficiency repairs, like installing insulation, fixing old or broken windows and doors, repairing broken furnaces or air conditioning systems, or replacing inefficient heating or cooling systems. 

Each state, U.S. territory and tribe is responsible for granting LIHEAP funds to households. As such, the specific types of assistance you can get help paying for varies depending on where you live.

Can LIHEAP Help You? Learn About the LIHEAP Program Benefits

Here are some major benefits you might experience if you’re granted LIHEAP funds from your state’s agency:

  • More comfortable home during each season: Weatherization and energy-related repairs can improve your home’s ability to produce and maintain optimal temperatures during harsh-weather seasons, like summer and winter. For example, if your LIHEAP funds pay for a working A/C and insulation, your home can stay cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. In addition, having financial assistance that reduces your energy bills can allow you to more consistently run life-saving heating or cooling systems to keep your home safe and comfortable.
  • Reduced energy costs: Weatherization and energy-related repairs can help your home use energy sources more efficiently, thus lowering your future energy bills. Let’s say your home gets insulation and new windows thanks to funds from LIHEAP. The insulation can better keep your home warm. The new windows can prevent heat and cool air from escaping, which means your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard (or use as much energy) to keep your home comfy.
  • Improved health outcomes during extreme weather: Weatherization and repairs can ensure your home is adequately heated or cooled to help prevent weather-related injury, illness, or death in your family. Getting financial assistance for your energy bills can make sure the heating or cooling stays on or at the level it needs to be to keep your family safe in both the summer heat and the winter cold.
  • Reduced financial burden: While the amount you might receive from LIHEAP can vary greatly by state, you can still get direct payment assistance to reduce the amount of money your family spends to keep your home a healthy temperature. For instance, Colorado residents can receive up to $1,000 for heating costs, while people in Ohio might only get up to $447 for heating. Any amount of money you receive through LIHEAP reduces the amount you have to pay for energy costs.
  • Better, more consistent budgeting: Energy costs can fluctuate and are currently on the rise. LIHEAP assistance can help shield your family from inconsistent costs by paying a portion of your bills or making your home more consistently energy efficient. This can improve your ability to manage and stick to your budget so you have money to pay for other needs, like housing payments, food, healthcare, and more.