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Today’s Most Popular Smart Devices for a Smart Home

Today’s Most Popular Smart Devices for a Smart Home

A smart device is any type of electronic gadget programmed to interact with a variety of commands, either through an app or voice commands. What sets smart devices apart from other electronics is their ability to respond to a wide range of commands and access different features. For example, with home smart devices, you can make alterations to the temperature or control the lights in your room. Smart devices must be connected to a network to work. 

Because they are connected to a network, smart devices receive frequent updates, which allows them to learn and expand their features based on user data. Below are some of the most popular home smart devices to consider.

Outdoor Smart Lights

While many smart devices are built for inside your home, there are a number of useful gadgets for your yard as well. There are many outdoor smart lights to choose from, including spot, flood, step and pathway lights. 

You can program smart lights to respond to movement, lighting up a path whenever an individual gets close. This not only helps avoid late night falls, but it also doubles as a security system, alerting you if anyone is lurking outside at night.

Another option is to set the lights to go off at specific times. If you get home from work late in the evening around the same time, you can program the lights to already be on when you arrive. This prevents the lights from accidentally being set off later in the evening. 

You can also limit which lights turn on, such as only setting the pathway lights. This way, you can see where you are going without worrying about aggravating nearby neighbors with your stronger lights.

Smart Locks

Another option for outside your home is a smart lock. Smart locks have several useful features, like the fact that it is a security device and requires a password to open. Through an app, you can program the door to open as you are pulling up to your house, saving you the hassle of fumbling with keys.

Many smart locks also contain a video camera and speaker. This allows you to see who is knocking at your door, letting you communicate with them without having to unlock the door.

Smart Thermostat

One of the most popular smart devices for the inside of your home is a smart thermostat. Through your connected app, you can monitor the heat levels in your home. You can schedule times for heat or air conditioning to turn on, letting you make your home comfortable shortly before you arrive without wasting any energy when the house is empty. 

You can also set the house to use different temperature levels depending on the day, cooling the house during the warmer mornings, but heating it in the cooler evenings. In addition to using an app, many smart thermostats are programmed to respond to voice commands.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are common devices for any home with other smart devices. Smart speakers do more than play music – they act as a central hub for all your devices. Smart speakers are connected to the internet and can respond to a variety of voice commands. 

In addition to playing music, you can access a digital assistant to look up information online, relaying it over the speakers. Common examples of digital assistants include Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.