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Tools and Methods to Find an Apartment More Quickly

Tools and Methods to Find an Apartment More Quickly

There are many reasons why you may need to find a new apartment. Some are voluntary, such as wanting to live closer to your workplace. Others can take you by surprise, such as your landlord selling the building in which you currently live. 

The length of time you have to find an apartment can also vary. If your moving deadline is coming up fast, it is important to find apartment listings within your budget and standards quickly. Here are some ways to find listings right away.

Speak to Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are often thought of as dealing in home sales, but many specialize in rentals. Often, real estate agents have familiarity with all apartments within their home areas. Sometimes, they have special relationships with unit owners or managers, which can help speed up the rental process.

Ask Loved Ones and Acquaintances

If you are looking for an apartment in a large complex, going through an agent is ideal. However, landlords with smaller properties often do not go to the trouble of listing their apartments for rent. Instead, they use word of mouth to let their social connections know. 

Therefore, a great way to learn about new available apartments in your area is often to let others know you are looking. Speak to family members, friends, co-workers, and clients casually about your apartment search to see if they know of available listings.

Check the Local Newspaper in Your Search Zone

Many towns and cities publish newspapers containing local real estate and rental listings. If your target area has a local paper, check it as new issues are published. That way you can stay informed about new local listings. You can also get a sense of the budget you need to rent in the area.

Use Online Apartment Listing Websites

One of the fastest ways to find apartment listings is by using online websites that specialize in apartment and home listings. They often feature tools you can use to search for your ideal apartment. For example, you can search by number of bedrooms, budget, or location. and Zillow are two top apartment hunting websites. Others include:

  • PadMapper
  • HotPads
  • Craigslist

Use Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook and Reddit have many useful groups where you can look for apartments for rent. Those groups may include special deals for group members. They can also include listings not yet posted on popular apartment search websites. You can also use social media to speak to your own personal network about possible rental opportunities in your preferred region.

Download an App

There are many phone apps available to help you apartment hunt, such as the Trulia app. Apps are useful because many of them allow you to directly message with potential landlords. Some can also view your location and make apartment rental suggestions based on that information. 

Therefore, you can get immediate notifications of new listings that may apply to you. In some cases, such apps also list important neighborhood features. For instance, you might see proximity to schools, parks, or other amenities you want.