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DIY Projects to Turn Your Apartment from Drab to Fab

DIY Projects to Turn Your Apartment from Drab to Fab

When you move into a new apartment, you may have no idea how to go about making it feel like home. This is particularly true if it is the first apartment you have ever had, as you may have trouble deciding which design elements to incorporate. It is important to strike a balance between fun and functional, especially when space is tight, or you are on a budget. 

Here are some perfect DIY projects that can improve any apartment.

Brush Up on Your Painting Skills

Adding paint in an apartment is a great way to give the space its own personality. However, professional painters may charge up to $3,000 to paint a single large room. You can do the same job yourself for less than $100 if you have a steady hand and the right tools. If you want to spend even less, consider only painting one wall in each room. The painted accent walls can give the spaces personality without breaking your budget.

Put Up Mirrors

If your apartment is small, one of the coolest DIY projects you can do is put up mirrors. Mirrors add light and make the rooms they are in feel larger. You can purchase new mirrors but consider revitalizing old mirrors to give your apartment a unique look. You can typically find cheap old mirrors easily at flea markets or thrift stores. Use paint or other materials to spruce the frames of used mirrors up and make them uniquely your own.

Take Up Indoor Gardening

Adding an herb garden to your kitchen is a great way to decorate. You can hang the herbs in colorful pots or place them on a counter in decorative containers. Herbs look pretty, and most are low-maintenance. They can also add a lot of flavor to the meals you cook. 

You can use house plants throughout your living space to liven it up. Many plants, such as aloe, have medicinal purposes. Plants also help to clean the air, according to experts like those working at NASA. Some of the best decorative plants that are simple to grow indoors include:

  • Spider Plants
  • Pothos
  • Ficus
  • Rubber Trees
  • Parlor Palms
  • Aloe

Make Your Own Shelves

If you need more storage, consider making your own shelves. Wooden shelves are quite easy and inexpensive to make. You can make them in custom sizes to fit the spaces you have available. For instance, you may have an oddly shaped closet with a sloped ceiling or strange corners. If so, creating custom shelves for your shoes and other belongings is a great way to use the space efficiently.

Hang Some Racks and Hooks

One of the biggest challenges in many apartments is not having enough space, but you may have more space than you think. Hanging rods, hooks, and racks around the apartment can help you store what you need in places that are out of the way. Yet, your items remain visible and easy to access. Try options like putting towel rods on the back of your bathroom door or hanging your pots and pans on wall hooks in the kitchen when you do not have enough shelves or cabinets.